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CREATING OPPORTUNITIES facilitating growth

The South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) is a Section 21 company (not for gain) committed to adding value to members by providing an effective platform for networking, together with the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge to enhance the success of its members through professional growth, and to promoting performance, best practice and excellence within the shopping centre industry.

Networking is essential to retail. By building relationships and keeping up with trends, businesses perform at their best. At the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC), we recognise this. We are the country’s foremost professional body dedicated to members of the shopping centre industry. It is our mission to give our members the opportunity to communicate with each other, share information and learn. By doing so, we deliver real value to each and every one of our members.

Research Conference
Networking Function

18 Feb at 7:30am: Breakfast - "The Middle and Middle Class" by Martin Neethling, UCT Unilever
5 May at 7:30am: Breakfast Panel Discussion - Going Abroad

KwaZulu Natal
26 Feb at 7:30am: Breakfast - "Responsible Shopping Centre Development by Mike Rodel, EMRE
26 May at 7:30am: Breakfast - Retailer - Remo`s by Reenzo Scribante

Western Cape
16 Mar at 7:30am: Breakfast - "South Africa & the World: The Global, African & South African political economy in perspective." by Daniel Silke
20 Apr at 7:30am: Workshop - "Rate this place by using technology to replace intercept interviews in shopping centres." by Sanett Uys

National Events
13 April: Research Conference
7-9 Sept: Annual Congress

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